86037 essay

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86037 essay

Globalization and Public Policy Globalization and Public Policy Our main focus is the politics that underpin contemporary globalization.

We explore how macro-level processes such as market creation, state transformation and the diffusion of new governance models shape, and are shaped by, the strategies and capacities of different actors to advance their economic and political interests.

In addressing these broader issues, our research spans a broad range of topics, most importantly the creation and development of regulatory agencies, the adoption and implementation of public policies and the rise of new mechanisms of international governance.

The cluster includes scholars with training in political science, international relations, law and economics.

86037 essay

The substantive research by our group members investigates antitrust initiatives and the regulation of electricity and finance markets, and analyzes international governance through the lens of conditionality policies, transparency measures, and crisis management. Other focal points include the intersection between globalization and environmental policy making, the regional diffusion of new social policy models e.I received band 7's in the subjects of SL Continuers French, HL English (Language and Literature), SL Maths studies and HL Philosophy.

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ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION. Today, one of the greatest problems that the world faces is environment pollution. It is an issue that troubles us economically, physically and everyday of our lives.

86037 essay

Environmental pollution consists of two basic types of pollution namely land pollution and air pollution.

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