A brief biography and a history of the works of claude debussy a composer

See Article History Alternative Title: He developed a highly original system of harmony and musical structure that expressed in many respects the ideals to which the Impressionist and Symbolist painters and writers of his time aspired.

A brief biography and a history of the works of claude debussy a composer

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Germain-en-Laye, near Paris, France. His father was a salesman and kept a china shop. His mother was a seamstress.

Some traumatizing events in his childhood caused him a depression and he never spoke about his early years. Later he could not compose without having his favorite porcelain frog. He lived at the castle of Nadezhda von Meck and taught her children.

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She was a wealthy patroness of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovskyand eventually Debussy played all pieces by Tchaikovsky in addition to other classical repertoire. She also took Debussy on trips to Venice, Vienna and Moscow.

In Vienna he heard "Tristan und Isolde" by Richard Wagner and later admitted that it had influenced him for a number of years.

Debussy won the Prix de Rome twice--in and and the money covered his studies at the Villa de Medici in Rome for the next four years.

He used the Wagnerian chromaticism for upgrades to his own tonal harmony in "Cinq poems de Baudelaire" In he wrote his most famous music collection for piano, "Suite bergamasque", containing "Clair de Lune". His "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun" continued the most productive year period in his life.

His piano masterpiece "Preludes" were composed in In the second book of twelve preludes Debussy explored avant-garde, with deliciously dissonant harmonies and mysterious images. The beginning of WW I and the onset of cancer depressed Debussy.

A brief biography and a history of the works of claude debussy a composer

He left unfinished opera, ballets and two pieces after stories by Edgar Allan Poe that later were completed by his assistants. He died on March 25,in Paris.Claude Debussy Biography, Life, Interesting Facts.

Claude Debussy was remarkably known as a French Composer as well as one of the leading figures in the domain of impressionist music. He is known for his marvelouscontributionto the world of mucic. In Debussy married singer Emma Bardac after they had a daughter, Claude-Emma.

Debussy called her Chou-Chou and composed for her the collection of piano pieces "Children's Corner Suite" (). His piano masterpiece "Preludes" were composed in See Article History. Alternative Title: it also stands in opposition to the works of composer Claude Debussy. AllMusic - Biography of Erik Satie; h2g2 - Biography of Eric Satie; Britannica Websites.

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Debussy: 20 facts about the great composer. Discover Claude Debussy’s best music, and find out facts about his life in celebration of the th anniversary of his birth.

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