An analysis of the schizophrenia as a type of brain disorder

Childhood schizophrenia manifests before the age of 13, so its correct names are "childhood-onset schizophrenia" COS and "very early-onset schizophrenia" VEOS.

An analysis of the schizophrenia as a type of brain disorder

Schizophrenia is a serious disorder which affects how a person thinks, feels and acts. The cause of schizophrenia is still unclear. Some theories about the cause of this disease include: Genetics Heredity Scientists recognize that the disorder tends to run in families and that a person inherits a tendency to develop the disease.

Biology Chemistry - Scientists believe that people with schizophrenia have an imbalance of the brain chemicals or neurotransmitters: These neurotransmitters allow nerve cells in the brain to send messages to each other.

This problem in processing different sounds, sights, smells and tastes can also lead to hallucinations or delusions. Structure - Some research suggests that problems with the development of connections and pathways in the brain while in the womb may later lead to schizophrenia.

Viral Infections and Immune Disorders Schizophrenia may also be triggered by environmental events, such as viral infections or immune disorders. For instance, babies whose mothers get the flu while they are pregnant are at higher risk of developing schizophrenia later in life.

People who are hospitalized for severe infections are also at higher risk. What are the Early Warning Signs of Schizophrenia? The signs of schizophrenia are different for everyone. Symptoms may develop slowly over months or years, or may appear very abruptly.

The disease may come and go in cycles of relapse and remission. Behaviors that are early warning signs of schizophrenia include: What are the Symptoms of Schizophrenia?

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A medical or mental health professional may use the following terms when discussing the symptoms of schizophrenia. The most common experience is hearing imaginary voices that give commands or comments to the individual.

An analysis of the schizophrenia as a type of brain disorder

Individuals may also make up their own words or sounds, rhyme in a way that doesn't make sense, or repeat words and ideas. A person may also have movements that seem anxious, agitated, tense or constant without any apparent reason. Social withdrawal Extreme apathy lack of interest or enthusiasm Lack of drive or initiative Emotional flatness How is Schizophrenia Treated?

If you suspect someone you know is experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia, encourage them to see a medical or mental health professional immediately. Early treatment--even as early as the first episode--can mean a better long-term outcome.

Recovery and Rehabilitation While no cure for schizophrenia exists, many people with this illness can lead productive and fulfilling lives with the proper treatment.

Recovery is possible through a variety of services, including medication and rehabilitation programs. Rehabilitation can help a person recover the confidence and skills needed to live a productive and independent life in the community. Types of services that help a person with schizophrenia include: Coordinated Specialty Care CSC has been found to be especially effective in improving outcomes for people after they experience their first episode of psychosis.

Coordinated Specialty Care involves a team of providers who work with the individual using shared decision making to implement a multi-faceted program aimed at helping the individual to recover. The CSC team also works closely with the individual's primary care provider.

Antipsychotic Medication Medications are often used to help control the symptoms of schizophrenia.

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They help to reduce the biochemical imbalances that cause schizophrenia and decrease the likelihood of relapse. Like all medications, however, anti-psychotic medications should be taken only under the supervision of a mental health professional. Atypical or "New Generation" antipsychotics are less likely to cause some of the severe side effects associated with typical antipsychotics i.

There are two major types of antipsychotic medication: Some typical antipsychotics are:Psychotic Disorder Due to Traumatic Brain Injury: Analysis of Case Studies in the Literature Daryl Fujii, Ph.D. develop a psychotic disorder due to traumatic brain injury (PD-TBI) have a premorbid vulnerability in- on schizophrenia to aid in differential diagnosis.

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Childhood schizophrenia (also known as childhood-onset schizophrenia, and very early-onset schizophrenia) is a schizophrenia spectrum disorder that is characterized by hallucinations, disorganized speech, delusions, catatonic behavior and "negative symptoms", such as inappropriate or blunted affect and avolition with onset before 13 years of age.

Cross-Disorder Genomewide Analysis of Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and Depression. Adrenomedullin is widely expressed in the brain, and mice lacking CNS adrenomedullin exhibit Chirn GW, Ma Q, Parikh H, Richardson D, Ricke D, Purcell S.

Genome-wide association analysis identifies loci for type 2 diabetes and triglyceride levels. Introduction Schizophrenia is a serious brain disorder.

It is a disease that makes it difficult for a person to tell the difference between real and unreal experience, to think logically, to have normal emotional responses to others, and to behave normally in social situations.

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The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation has awarded more than $ Analysis Reveals Accelerated Rates at Which the Brain’s Gray and White Matter Deteriorate in Schizophrenia Posted: Tuesday, November 28, Genome-Wide Studies Aid Investigation of Dual Diagnosis of Schizophrenia and Substance Use Disorder.

Read more. READ. Posted. The Problem With “Personality” HE French psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan, taught that all desire is the “ desire of the Other.” [] In plain language, this means that most of our unconscious life is a product of a variety of external social influences. The concept of personality, therefore, although a common term in psychology, really doesn’t mean .

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