Apache redirect permanent re write as a logarithmic equation

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Apache redirect permanent re write as a logarithmic equation

Or might they be copyvios by themselves there are also pics from featherside. It would be a loss to delete them all, they are also used to illustrate articles. Thanks for your help, -- PigeonIP talk The uploader sticked to two camera models and some images without Exif, all about your Pigeon topic.

And you already invested time for the Konigsberg Morehead. There are at this moment photos directly in Category: Recently, someone added the latter category to some of my photos, which is how I became aware of it.

I really dislike this. It seems like a reduction of women to their gender rather than seeing them as fully human. I particularly dislike this when it is done to photos I took, because it feels like reduction of the subjects of my photos to their gender.

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I think that the correct solution to this is that neither Category: Male humans nor Category: Female humans should directly contain individual images. I warned this user, but he continue editing nevertheless, so I blocked him for 2 hours. And I removed this category with VFC.

Regards, Yann talk Even though I'm an admin, I always hesitate to do something like this without having some sort of indication it's not just my solo view. I've suggested to him that if this is as he now says on his talk page part of a process of classifying more deeply that he use a hidden category as his temporary holder.

It was intended to be only a temporary stage. Jmabel suggested a great idea of Hidden categories under my username. If this is acceptable to you would be happy if you pass to Category: Temporary categories for User: Chenspec Cat-a-lot - Female humans all the pictures that were in Category: What do you think?

Other than that, don't know why anyone would complain about it as a temporary manrker. Now, how do I pass the pictures to the new category? And I'm not sure what you mean by "passing" pictures to a category. You can place them in a user category or hidden category exactly like any other category.

All the pictures were removed from the category "Female humans" and it took me a long time to collect them. Do I have to find them again manually So I can categorize them in "Category: Chenspec Cat-a-lot - Female human", or there is a way to restore them more effectively?

Failing that, your own contributions list would probably have them reasonably close together. And, yes, that categorization seems appropriate to me. Sorry you got blocked on this, I didn't mean to take it to that level but I guess that happened before we had time to discuss it calmly.

It's OK - The main thing is that everything worked out for the better.

apache redirect permanent re write as a logarithmic equation

I will try to restore the pictures. Thanks for the help and guidance for the new category! More useful than would be apparent at first glance, nearly all are images of Wikipedians in various contexts with no categorization other than 'this is a Wikipedian'.

I am sorry, but what is the befenit of copying pictures from Category: Where do you want to pass this pictures? Regarding your question - there are pictures that fit more than one category, according to what you see in them.If you didn't find what you were looking for and you are interested in Keysight EEsof EDA content, try searching our Knowledge Center.

12 pages, re-write and reorganize Assembly instructions on SolidWorks Network Management Paper: In this paper, you will research and report on network management tools associated with (1) policy compliance, (2) bandwidth management, and (3) asset management.

We knew that there is no better way to learn a new programming environment than to use it to write a program that can solve a real problem.

After a few weeks, we had our first histogramming package in C++.

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Apache Spark's in-memory framework is an ideal showcase for demonstrating this kind of acceleration benefit of DAX (more detail: Apache Spark and DAX).Enter stream processing, which can be a game changer in a big data world.

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