Celebrating chinese new year in america essay

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Celebrating chinese new year in america essay

Each new year was marked by the characteristics of one of the 12 zodiac animals: The entire attention of the household was fixed on the celebration. During this time, business life came nearly to a stop.

Home and family were the principal focuses. Cleaning was also meant to appease the gods who would be coming down from heaven to make inspections. Ritual sacrifices of food and paper icons were offered to gods and ancestors. People posted scrolls printed with lucky messages on household gates and set off firecrackers to frighten evil spirits.

Elders gave out money to children. In fact, many of the rites carried out during this period were meant to bring good luck to the household and long life to the family—particularly to the parents.

Chinese New Year Food Most important was the feasting: In the first five days of the New Year, people ate long noodles to symbolize long life. On the 15th and final day of the New Year, round dumplings shaped like the full moon were shared as a sign of the family unit and of perfection.

Beginning inunder the rule of Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedongthe government forbade celebration of the traditional Chinese New Year and followed the Gregorian calendar in its dealings with the West. But at the end of the 20th century, Chinese leaders were more willing to accept the Chinese tradition.

InChina instituted a weeklong vacation during the holiday—now called Spring Festival—giving people the opportunity to travel home and to celebrate the new year. The city has hosted a Chinese New Year celebration since the Gold Rush era of the s, a period of large-scale Chinese immigration to the region.

In the early 21st century, many Chinese families spent a significant amount of their discretionary income celebrating the Spring Festival with traditional symbols and food.

They also spent time watching the televised Spring Festival Gala: Although the rites of the holiday no longer had religious value, people remained sensitive to the zodiac animals to the extent that they considered what, for example, a Year of the Dog in might mean for their personal fortunes or for a child born at that time.

They also reported not liking traditional New Year food such as dumplings and glutinous rice pastry. With its change of name from Chinese New Year to Spring Festival, for some members of the younger generation the holiday has evolved from an opportunity to renew family ties to a chance for relaxation from work.The Chinese New Year essays"Whizzzzzzzzzz BANG!" Yes, it's that time of year again.

A time where streets are lit up with bright flamboyant lights, sounds of crackling fireworks can be heard a mile away, smells of freshly baked . Chinese New Year holds the most significant position among all Chinese festivals and holidays.

The Chinese New Year is accompanied by a belief in good future. .

Celebrating chinese new year essay

Essay on New Year celebration. New Year resolution essay; Essay on New Year; College Essay; Paragraph on New Year; New Year essay in Hindi; Speech on New Year; First New Year Essay New Year is celebrated all over the world with great fun and enthusiasm.

It is a special day for the people and they well come upcoming year in .

Celebrating chinese new year in america essay

Feb 04,  · Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China. In , Chinese New Year begins on February 16 and marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog.

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Celebrating chinese new year in america essay

In conclusion, celebrating Chinese New Year in the states is different compare to other Chinese countries. It is difficult for a foreign Chinese student to adapt the different feeling of celebrating Chinese New Year. Chinese students from different counties have different ways to celebrate Chinese New Year.

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