Ebay case study

Reclaim control of your time, energy, and money from your suffocating clutter. Earn More Money in Less Time. I am seriously loving hating debt.

Ebay case study

June 13, Do you want in on a secret? The trick is to know how to get them for dirt cheap and then understand how to sell them online for large profits. Now there are tons of people collecting records again and selling them is big business.

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People do collect and even still listen to audio cassettes. There are many benefits to selling cassette tapes on Amazon FBA: The profit margins are high The product cost is dirt cheap! So, I am a big thrift store picker and reseller. If you are too, you might want to check out my Top 10 Kindle book Thrift Wars.

Anyway, so I kept seeing stacks and stacks of cassette tapes for 10c each at these thrift shops and I always wondered if they would be worth flipping on Amazon. I decided to take it up a notch. I bought a lot of audio cassettes on eBay.

Ebay case study

After listing them all on Amazon FBA and getting them shipped in to the fulfillment center, it costed me about 14c a cassette tape and about one day of my life. Since then, I have been selling cassettes a week in that same profit range.

The rest are used cassettes. They are a variety of genres, some junk pop tapes and some better classic rock, hair metal which sells well and some quality jazz tapes. This lot is almost all rare obscure imports.

These will be slow movers, but high profit makers. I just received part of the shipments today for these cassettes. I will be posting follow-ups on how much these cassette tapes are listed for on Amazon FBA, when I get done.

See the details in Part 2 of the Case Study now.The leading source for e-commerce news, strategies and research. Including webinars, blogs and e-retailer rankings, Top eBay: “The world’s largest online marketplace”- A Case Study lausannecongress2018.comrishnan* V.K Gupta** Abstract eBay, Inc.

is the largest and most popular marketplace on the Internet, allowing members to buy and sell almost anything. Launched in , about million people now use eBay.

Ebay case study

An. About eBay. eBay is The World’s Online Marketplace™. Founded in , eBay created a powerful platform for the sale of goods and services by a passionate community of individuals and businesses. Do you want in on a secret?

You can find cassette tapes for under 25c a piece and sell them for $35, or more. How's that for profit margin?! The t. Black Cat Root Shack is Miss Leah Rivera's Hoodoo Store in Denton, Texas selling Lucky Mojo brand condition oils, sachet powers, magical herbs, mojo hands and spell kits.

EBay has come under fire over its handling of the cyberattack, in which hackers accessed personal data of all million users, ranking it among the biggest such attacks launched on a corporation.

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