Hirschberg stuart the academic writing reader

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Hirschberg stuart the academic writing reader

Department of English English Instructor Resources This section provides a basic course information and various pedagogical tools to help you develop your English course.

Introduction The goal of is to transition students from their high school writing practices to college level writing, specifically the academic argumentative writing they will be required to do at Rollins.

The course fulfills the W riting general education requirement as published in the General Education Requirements, Goals and Means of Assessments by the Dean of Faculty: The communication of ideas, information, poetry, stories, intent, and even culture itself has been dependent on the ability of humans effectively to store facts and convert thoughts to written language.

The ability to communicate ideas and information in writing is at the core of a liberal arts education and is essential for active citizenship. In covering both academic and to a lesser degree familiar writing, the W course focuses on understanding rhetorical strategies.

Students will read the texts of others and learn to shape their own meanings by writing and editing a variety of forms. Upon completion of this requirement, students will be able to write essays developing complex ideas on academic subjects, characterized by unity, order, coherence, completeness, clarity, and mechanical correctness.

Individual faculty will design course-specific methods for assessing how a particular section meets the goals established in the guidelines of the general education curriculum. Each time they teach the W, faculty will document assessment procedures and results for the goal through the General Education Assessment Matrix.

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There is a general course description for all sections of in the Rollins College Catalog: Writing about Selected Topics. Students may take E a second time for credit, so long as a different topic is selected. Section topics are designated by individual instructors. Course Design While instructors choose their own course topic and readings, there is a general design for the course that revolves around a sequence of three major papers: The papers build upon one another, asking the students to demonstrate more sophisticated rhetorical skills as they move through the sequence.

See the course organizational chart for more detail. Also be sure to look over the index of sample assignments if you would like to see model syllabi, descriptions of assignments, etc. Targeted Concepts and Skills Argumentation rhetorical situation of an argument, that is the exigence or problem being addressed purpose or goalthe audience, and constraints parts of an argument: Style global organization and coherence revealing a clear line of argument local coherence and cohesion signaling argument structure to reader through forecasting and transitions concise, active prose writing as an iterative process; revising and editing Mechanics use and citation of sources MLA or APA academic formatting of assignments MLA or APA Research using library and web for research distinguishing quality of sources.Students contacting the professor must use their Felician College Terry Hirschberg, eds.

One World, Many Cultures. 6th of World Cultures.

hirschberg stuart the academic writing reader

Kunka, Jennifer et al. Prentice Hall Reference Guide, 9/e.

Millennium Reader, The, 5th Edition

Pearson ISBN: ยท Hirschberg, Stuart, et al. The Academic Writing Reader: Saint Leo.

hirschberg stuart the academic writing reader

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