How to write a mock trial closing argument example

It is from a murder trial, where the defendant is claiming self-defense.

How to write a mock trial closing argument example

how to write a mock trial closing argument example

In New Jersey, the format is similar to the New Jersey Law Fair at the elementary school level with two specific themes that the teams can choose to develop their cases. High school[ edit ] The mock trial program was started to allow high school students to experience the courtroom in a hands-on role.

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The mock trials are set up and structured just like a real court, bound by the same rules. High school competitions are even held in functional court rooms in the local City Hall to lend additional authenticity to the trial.

Cases typically have to do with problems faced by teens, and will usually involve teenagers as witnesses. Each year the case for pre-Nationals competitions alternates between a Civil case and a Criminal case.

Each year, various participating states around the country take turns hosting the tournament. The Championship was held in Phoenix, Arizona. New York State does not participate in the national competition; rather, it has its own intrastate competition consisting of over teams throughout the state.

It follows similar rules to that of the national competition. New York has three levels of play, county competition, regional competition, and the finals, which is held in Albany, New York in May. The state of Maryland also does not compete in the National High School tournament, and thus has their own statewide mock trial competition similar to that of New York.

This means that the winners of the state competitions, who move on to nationals, must study and prepare a completely different case in time for the National High School Mock Trial Competition in May.

AMTA sponsors regional and national-level competitions, writes and distributes case packets and rules, and keeps a registry of mock trial competitors and alumni.

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Approximately teams from over universities and colleges will compete in AMTA tournaments. In total, AMTA provides a forum for over 5, undergraduate students each academic year to engage in intercollegiate mock trial competitions across the country.

The attorneys are responsible for delivering an opening statement, conducting direct and cross examinations of witnesses and delivering closing arguments. Witnesses are selected in a sports draft format from a pool of approximately eight to 10 available witnesses prior to the round.

Witnesses consist of both experts as well as lay witnesses. Judges are usually attorneys or coaches, and in some occasions, practicing judges. All collegiate mock trial cases take place in the fictional state of Midlands, USA.

Midlands is not geographically situated and falls under the protection of the United States Constitution. The season runs in two parts: Invitational tournaments are held throughout the fall semester and into early spring across the country.


At invitationals, teams have the opportunity to test out particular case theories and improve as competitors before facing the challenge and pressure of regular season competition.

The regular season begins in late January, starting with regional tournaments. There are typically more than teams spread across 24 regional tournaments. Each school is limited to two post-regional bids to the "Opening Round Championship Series.

There are 48 total bids to the final tournament.List of Chromium Command Line Switches. There are lots of command lines which can be used with the Google Chrome browser.

how to write a mock trial closing argument example

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Mock Trial Closing Arguments for Prosecution September 14, by mocktrialblahblahblah So you are nearing the end of your mock trial, and now it is time for you to do your closing argument.

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