Only through mistakes can there be

Popping, cracking, drumminess, staining and discolouration are the most common complaints we hear about in relation to engineered paving stones.

Only through mistakes can there be

Error-Assuming it's simple Most of the errors below stem from this fundamental error, which in turn stems from: In other words, grey water seems like it should be simple, and people don't allocate grey water system design the effort required to achieve the performance they expect.

If your site is difficult, your goals high, or your time short, consider a design consultation as well. Exceptions If the performance goals are low enough for the context, grey water systems ARE simple.

The "drain out back" is a very common example of a "system" which doesn't ask for or give much.

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Irrigation of a swamp. Sand filtration, ozonation, and reuse for flushing toilets in a residence. Each of these are valid designs but applied in the wrong context.

In a culture where standardized solutions are the norm from coast to coast, it is hard to remember the necessity of paying primary attention to the context, let alone to know how to do it. Almost every time I say that something is so, the next breath is spent explaining why it is not so in slightly different conditions.

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People often seize on a principle I've mentioned in one context, then vigorously misapply it to the next. As soon as I've explained the principle which overrides it in case two, they apply THAT to case three this can go on for hours.

Preferred practice The most general principle of grey water system design is that there are no general principles.

Only through mistakes can there be

The final section on each of the common mistakes describes the inevitable exceptions when it isn't a mistake. Reuse or treatment, new construction or retrofit, soil and climate conditions, legal considerations; each of these variables in particular have the potential to change the design completely.

Carefully check the list of grey water system design variables page 8 and what to do about them in the balance of the grey water books. While there are no solutions which apply universally, there are a variety of approaches and patterns which can be applied to generate the optimum solution for any need in any context.

This is a vitally important principle of ecological design. Frequent technological overkill is one of the saddest sources of waste in our society. Elimination of overkill does not involve real sacrifice.

The resources saved by using simple tools for easy tasks can be applied towards performing more difficult tasks. Using transportation as an example, walking would be used for the tasks for which it is adequate, bicycles for distances too long to walk, busses and trains for distances too long to bike or in bad weather, planes for speed or great distances, and cars for special applications like ambulances, mobile homes, or workshops.

Getting superfluous cars off the road would enable the necessary ones to get around without being choked by traffic. Though uniform solutions appeal to centralized bureaucracies, attempting to implement a single solution across the board, without regard to context, will generate a host of new problems.

Bare sufficiency produces optimal growth; deficiency is stunting, excess unbalancing. Those readers who are used to single solutions will be quick to point out situations where, for example, a composting toilet is unsuitable.

None of the solutions proposed here are applicable across the board, nor is it suggested that any of the technologies criticized here should be eliminated completely.

What is suggested is that a range of solutions be matched to the range of contexts using common sense. This means that if the system costs several thousand dollars, the owner would have been better off just paying for the extra water, and the Earth would have been less impacted by the wasted water than the wasted pumps, valves, piping, filters, and electricity used by the overbuilt system.

It is this constraint more than any other which makes good grey water system design a real challenge. Complying with the "actual net benefit" requirement is so difficult in practice that it is very common for systems to just be built anyway, often with vague allusions to it being a "demonstration project" I feel this justification should be used sparingly, otherwise we will end up with lots of demonstrations of how yet more resources can be wasted.Only through mistakes can there be discovery or progress.

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“Only Through Mistakes Can There Be Discovery or Progress.” Essay. There is a stating that the mistake is the mother of success - “Only Through Mistakes Can There Be Discovery or Progress.”Essay introduction.

Could people only make discovery or progress through mistakes? quotes have been tagged as learning-from-mistakes: Rick Warren: ‘We are products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it.’, Johann Wolfg.

Excellent post with substantive tips for making the writing strong, rather than just complaining about the usual errors. (Those errors are pervasive, but there are a million blog posts about them.).

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