Problem background of pulau pinang

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Problem background of pulau pinang

If we accept that biofilm-forming bacteria cause chronic rhino-sinusitis …. How can understanding biofilm and sinusitis help us to treat our sinusitis?

First, physical forces are needed to remove some biofilms. For some people, this means surgical removal of the thick, tenacious bacterial matt that has accumulated.

Problem background of pulau pinang

This is particularly true for those with sinusitis and cystic fibrosis. For most people with CRS, elimination and maintenance of good nasal and sinus health may be achieved following these steps. Nasal Saline Rinsing as a remedy for sinusitis has been amply covered here on this blog.

The second thing to do is to add something to the saline rinses that will help dissolve the biofilm. Their study was reported in in the American Journal of Rhinology.

But heed the following caution: A few drops in the bottle should do it. The addition of antibiotics to the saline rinses. A review of the medical literature on the use of antibiotics added to nasal saline rinses to treat CRS concluded that they are effective.

The full-text pdf can be downloaded from the link here. Using a pulse-irrigator for really resistant CRS may help flush out the biofilms. I recommend these for my patients with very resistant CRS.

If it comes to that, an adenoidectomy is a much more gentle surgery than either sinus surgery, or a tonsillectomy, and an adenoidectomy may eliminate CRS. As a last resort. So, if you or your child have chronic rhino-sinusitis, start with 1 above, and move your way down the list until you achieve a cure.

That you have removed toxins and irritants from your life. That you get enough sleep to keep a healthy immune system. That you eat a balanced, healthy, and nutritious diet. Eliminate the various toxins in your home and work environment.

These other topics are covered here on this blog. Biofilm growing on stainless surface. From CDC, photo by Dr. I have NO financial or other arrangements with Dr. Hana Solomon or Nasopure. I simply think that her site is a valuable resource, and the Nasopure saline rinse system is the one that I use personally, and recommend to my patients.

For optimizing your indoor air quality, and reducing rhinitis and sinusitis, from this blog: Have you tried any of the tips above? Did they work for you? Please leave a comment to tell all of us about your experiences — we will all learn from each other. I appreciate your comments and questions.

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