Restaurant point of sale

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Restaurant point of sale

Optimized for mobile devices, servers are able to easily take orders from smartphones, tablets, or traditional PCs. Due to easy configurability, employees are able to see the appropriate, relevant POS buttons to their job function, and restaurants benefit from greater security and more productive employees.

Restaurant point of sale

The Food and Beverage POS interface is easily configurable for restaurants across the industry, and is optimized for both tablets image above and mobile phones image left. Order Customization The Food and Beverage POS guides employees through orders and transactions, enabling employees to better engage with customers and present specials of the day, customization options, and change orders or add items to an order at any time, thus providing flexibility to diners.

The Food and Beverage POS supports multiple transaction types - such as dine in, takeout, delivery - ensuring that the customer receives a superior experience no matter if they choose to eat in the restaurant or at home.

The POS can display the different order options that a customer can choose from, enabling a speedier checkout process, as well as allowing the restaurant staff to better assist wish customer questions or needs.

The Food and Beverage POS enables wait staff to place orders quickly and efficiently with full product insight and guided checkout processes. Table and Waiter Assignment With the Food and Beverage POS, a restaurant can set up multiple table layouts and assign a specific table layout to one or more locations.

The table layouts also enable wait staff to see at a glance which tables are occupied or open, as well as merge tables in the case of large parties or transfer parties from one table to another. Enhanced table management with the ability to show wait staff the occupied and free tables in real time, reducing the time it takes to seat a customer.

Kitchen Management Kitchen management is streamlined by allowing work stations to be set up e. The cost per kitchen order can also be recorded for reference, versus standard cost. This insight and direction allows restaurant team members to work efficiently and productively, and ensure servers deliver customers their orders accurately and in a timely manner.

The Food and Beverage POS provides an in-depth look into each step of the food creation process, form recipes and ingredients, to the cooking of the meal.

For More Information For more information, please email retail ignify. Click here to register Ecommerce with Microsoft Dynamics.Restaurant POS Hardware Secrets Revealed. The specialized computer hardware for point of sale systems is not as mysterious as you may think!

The vast majority of point of sale hardware is standardized to work with current computers. A great selection of POS hardware and software, at an affordable price: International Point of Sale brings you bar code scanners, cash registers, inventory control solutions, printers, restaurants applications, and more.

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Restaurant point of sale

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Food and Beverage POS for Restaurants: The key to a successful restaurant is delivering an outstanding dining experience with high-quality food and quick, efficient service that’s accurate.

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Jack's Point is an emerging settlement and resort village located 20 minutes from Queenstown, New Zealand featuring a championship golf course and clubhouse restaurant. Enter orders faster and more accurately with fewer edits.

CAKE Restaurant Point of Sale System accelerates your order process with customized workflows .

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