Samuel lachterman honors thesis

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Tuesdays, pm; Wednesdays pm; and by appointment. We will begin with selections from Spinoza's early works, which include a treatise on philosophical method, a summary and analysis of the Cartesian system, and a critique of religion.

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We will spend most of our time on a careful reading of the Ethics, which presents Spinoza's mature views on metaphysics, epistemology, psychology, and the ethical life. We will analyze his arguments in detail, compare them to those of his contemporaries e. It will meet once a week as a seminar.

Except for the first class, in which I will give an introductory lecture, the subsequent sessions will be a combination of lecture and discussion, focused on a brief student presentation. In each class, my own talk will aim to give some background information—for example, trying to show what debates Spinoza might have been involved in—and to underline the themes I hope the students will discuss.

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Each student presentation will be based on a short, written paper that will be due a few days before class and which all students will have been expected to read ahead of time. The central text of the course will of course be the Ethics, but I will also insist that we read other contemporary texts that either definitely or probably influenced Spinoza, as well as important secondary sources produced by outstanding modern scholars.

Although much important work has been done by European scholars, I will assign only English-language texts in this course, with other texts, especially those in French, only recommended for those who have the language skills.

The weekly essays and comment are worth points and all the components of the final essay are worth points. A grading scale will be distributed in class as a guideline. Final grades will be determined on the basis of this scale and adjustment in terms of overall class performance.

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Each student must write a short around 3 page essay on the topic, due by 12pm on Friday, which should be submitted to the appropriate assignment page on the course Canvas webpage. Please note that late papers will not be accepted for credit.

The paper will be graded as unsatisfactory 5 pointssatisfactory 8 pointsor good 10 points. There will be nine occasions to turn in an essay. You will be given 10 points for just showing up the first week. A total of points will be possible for this assignment.

Each student in the class will choose one week in the quarter in which he or she will be responsible for a longer paper about pages that will be the basis of class discussion.

Samuel lachterman honors thesis

The student will be expected to summarize some relevant debate in the secondary literature and evaluate the debate. This paper will be circulated to the other students before class and all class members will be responsible for reading it. One student "the discussant" each week will be assigned the task of critiquing the assigned paper.

The discussant will be responsible for analyzing the philosophical content of the essay i. The discussant will summarize his or her comments in writing about one page in length and at the end of class will give a copy to both the author of the essay and the professor.

All other students are also expected to have read the chosen essay and be ready to discuss it in depth. Completion of this task is worth a maximum of 15 points. Each student will be required to write a twelve to fifteen page essay on a topic of his or her choice.

This essay will not be written the night before it is due! All parts of this assignment should be electronically uploaded to the appropriate assignment page on the course Canvas site.

The following is the schedule of assignments each student must meet to pass this requirement. Due Monday, November 19th Week 8.In , Moore took first-class honors in both Classics and Moral Science.

After this, he attempted to win a Prize-Fellowship, as McTaggart and Russell had done before him.

Samuel lachterman honors thesis

He succeeded in , on his second attempt, and remained at Cambridge as a Fellow of Trinity College until Full text of "Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Catalogue and Calendar, " See other formats.

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For dissertation examples of terms in educational leadership. Topic: Spinoza’s Ethics.. In this course students will study the development and structure of Spinoza's philosophical system.

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