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Single party diepholz

History[ edit ] Regional history prior to foundation of Lower Saxony[ edit ] The name of Saxony derives Single party diepholz that of the Germanic tribe of the Saxons. Before the late medieval period, there was a single Duchy of Saxony. The term "Lower Saxony" was used after the dissolution of the stem duchy in the late 13th century to disambiguate the parts of the former duchy ruled by the House of Welf from the Electorate of Saxony on one hand, and from the Duchy of Westphalia on the other.

During the Migration Period some of the Saxon peoples left their homeland in Holstein about the 3rd century and pushed southwards over the Elbe, where they expanded into the sparsely populated regions in the rest of the lowlands, in the present-day Northwest Germany and the northeastern part of what is now the Netherlands.

From about the 7th century the Saxons had occupied a settlement area that roughly corresponds to the present state of Lower Saxony, of Westphalia and a number of areas to the east, for example, in what is now west and north Saxony-Anhalt.

The Frisians had not moved into this region; for centuries they preserved their independence in the most northwesterly region of the present-day Lower Saxon territory. The original language of the folk in the area of Old Saxony was West Low Germanone of the varieties of language in the Low German dialect group.

Imperial circles at the start of the 16th century. The word Niedersachsen was first used before in a Dutch rhyming chronicle Reimchronik. The latter included the following territories that, in whole or in part, belong today to the state of Lower Saxony: At the same time a distinction was made with the eastern part of the old Saxon lands from the central German principalities later called Upper Saxony for dynastic reasons.

The close historical Single party diepholz between the domains of the Lower Saxon Circle now in modern Lower Saxony survived for centuries especially from a dynastic point of view.

West of the River Hunte a "de-Westphalianising process" began in This indicates that at that time the western administrations of the Prussian Province of Hanover and the state of Oldenburg were perceived as being "Lower Saxon".

The forerunners of today's state of Lower Saxony were lands that were geographically and, to some extent, institutionally interrelated from very early on. The County of Schaumburg not to be confused with the Principality of Schaumburg-Lippe around the towns of Rinteln and Hessisch Oldendorf did indeed belong to the Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau untila province that also included large parts of the present state of Hesse, including the cities of KasselWiesbaden and Frankfurt am Main ; but inhowever, the County of Schaumburg became part of the Prussian Province of Hanover.

Also beforenamelythe city of Cuxhaven has been fully integrated into the Prussian Province of Hanover by the Greater Hamburg Actso that inwhen the state of Lower Saxony was founded, only four states needed to be merged. With the exception of Bremen and the areas that were ceded to the Soviet Occupation Zone inall those areas allocated to the new state of Lower Saxony inhad already been merged into the "Constituency Association of Lower Saxony" in In a lecture on 14 SeptemberDietmar von Reeken described the emergence of a "Lower Saxony consciousness" in the 19th century, the geographical basis of which was used to invent a territorial construct: At the end of the s in the context of discussions about a reform of the Reich, and promoted by the expanding local heritage movement Heimatbewegunga year conflict started between "Lower Saxony" and "Westphalia".

The supporters of this dispute were administrative officials and politicians, but regionally focussed scientists of various disciplines were supposed to have fuelled the arguments.

In the s, a real Lower Saxony did not yet exist, but there was a plethora of institutions that would have called themselves "Lower Saxon". The motives and arguments in the disputes between "Lower Saxony" and "Westphalia" were very similar on both sides: Its minister president, Hinrich Wilhelm Kopfhad already suggested in June the formation of a state of Lower Saxony, that was to include the largest possible region in the middle of the British Zone.

In addition to the regions that actually became Lower Saxony subsequently, Kopf asked, in a memorandum dated Aprilfor the inclusion of the former Prussian district of Minden-Ravensberg i.

Single party diepholz

The strong Welf connotations of this draft, according to Thomas Vogtherr, did not simplify the development of a Lower Saxon identity after Likewise an enlarged State of Brunswick was proposed in the southeast to include the Regierungsbezirk of Hildesheim and the district of Gifhorn.

Had this plan come to fruition, the territory of the present Lower Saxony would have consisted of three states of roughly equal size. If the State of Oldenburg was to be dissolved, Vechta District would much rather be included in the Westphalian region. In the end, at the meeting of the Zone Advisory Board on 20 SeptemberKopf's proposal with regard to the division of the British occupation zone into three large states proved to be capable of gaining a majority.

But there were exceptions: They were not returned to Lower Saxony until The demands of Dutch politicians that the Netherlands should be given the German regions east of the Dutch-German border as war reparationswere roundly rejected at the London Conference of 26 March In fact only about 1.

The first Lower Saxon parliament or Landtag met on 9 December It was not elected; rather it was established by the British Occupation Administration a so-called "appointed parliament". Kopf led a five-party coalition, whose basic task was to rebuild a state afflicted by the war's rigours.

Kopf's cabinet had to organise an improvement of food supplies and the reconstruction of the cities and towns destroyed by Allied air raids during the war years. Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf remained — interrupted by the time in office of Heinrich Hellwege — — as the head of government in Lower Saxony until The greatest problem facing the first state government in the immediate post-war years was the challenge of integrating hundreds of thousands of refugees from Germany's former territories in the east such as Silesia and East Prussiawhich had been annexed by Poland and the Soviet Union.

Lower Saxony was at the western end of the direct escape route from East Prussia and had the longest border with the Soviet Zone. On 3 October Lower Saxony took over the sponsorship of the very large number of refugees from Silesia.

In there was still a shortage ofhomes according to official figures. During the period when Germany was divided, the Lower Saxon border crossing at Helmstedt found itself on the main transport artery to West Berlin and, from to was the busiest European border crossing point.

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Of economic significance for the state was the Volkswagen concern, that restarted the production of civilian vehicles ininitially under British management, and in transferred into the ownership of the newly founded country of West Germany and state of Lower Saxony.A one-party state, single-party state, one-party system, or single-party system is a type of state in which one political party has the right to form the government, usually based on the existing constitution.

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