Speech writing activities

Image Courtesy of www. However, for countless kids there are hurdles, frustrations, and challenges when it comes being able to write — to say nothing of being able to actually enjoy it.

Speech writing activities

Students will have multiple opportunities in a variety of different contexts to learn and relearn the target words and phrases. Once students have had the opportunity to learn the programs words and phrases, they will have increased confidence when combining the target phrases to form, read and eventually write grammatically correct and original sentences.

Example of a Typical Session The example depicted here is based on a real life session with a 6 year old boy with language and literacy difficulties. The initial pre-test reading assessment revealed that Charlie name changed was able to identify 5 words from the list of 38 words listed.

The words Charlie was able to identify were a, the, at, on and is. The clinician decides to target four words from the list for this session. The amount of words and concepts to learn per session will vary for each student.

Some students may only be able to effectively learn one to two words, whereas other students will cope quite well with learning up to five words in a 30 — 40 minute session. The session begins with Charlie working through the worksheets for each word.

The worksheets take 5 minutes each to complete.

Activities Using Games

At the completion of each worksheet the clinician asked Charlie to write the newly learnt word onto a whiteboard. With some support, Charlie was able to write both boy and girl. All of the various coloured grammar tiles are laid out in rows before Charlie.

Charlie is handed a sheet with the coloured boxes. The rules and the sequence of the session are then explained to Charlie. A sentence always has a verb and is a complete thought. So, Jack walked up the hill is a sentence, whereas Jack up hill is not.

Each sentence is made up of things called phrases. Each of these little coloured tile is a phrase and we are going to combine them to make our own sentences.

speech writing activities

You can begin the game initially by simply having the student sort the tiles into their colour groups green, red, yellow, blue. On this occasion Charlie rolls a 2, and with guidance from the clinician, selects a green tile.

The green words are noun phrases. Have a look on your chart, where should the green tile go? Look carefully at those green tiles you may recognise the words we discussed before.

Do you remember the words? Can you find the words boy and girl? Pick one to put on your green chart.

That is the first part of your sentence. A boy is a noun phrase, and is the first part of your sentence. This word at the top of the page the clinician points to the word, noun written in green, says noun. Nouns name the everyday things in our world. So we can see that the little pictures are people and things.

A train is a noun, a ship is a noun, the girl dressed in purple is a noun. You are a noun and so am I. And the tile you selected is a noun. Boy is a noun. The clinician continually relates the structure of the noun phrases a boy and the girl and their relationship to the structure the two sentences that Charlie creates.

Cloze Stories

Throughout the session the clinician scaffolds each tile selection that Charlie makes. The focus of the session is on Charlie being able to recognise and hopefully write the words boy and girl at the completion of the session.Teaching Writing Writing Activities Writing Ideas Kindergarten Writing Teaching Ideas Study Ideas Writing Help Speech Activities Kinder Writing Forwards More ideas for supporting guided writing during small group instruction (and keeping a notebook of work).

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Lesson activities include games, puzzles, and warm-ups, as well as activities to teach and practice each of the core skills of language learning: speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar, and .

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Therapy for these children should target fixing the underlying speech and language problems while also working on those same skills in actual reading and writing activities.

This will help those children generalize the skills more quickly and be able to use them in writing and reading more quickly. Color Coded Parts of Speech Three kinesthetic small group activities to help students identify parts of speech. Creative Writing: Teaching Grammar and Writing Principles through the Arts Students produce original songs, dances, poems, skits or artwork to teach writing and grammar creatively and effectively.

In writing, grammatical accuracy is especially important, and the reported dialog form represents a major element of this. The activity and game format described in this article is definitely both an effective and enjoyable way for students to master the use of reported speech in English writing.

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