Sturner assignment unit3

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Sturner assignment unit3

Preparation guidelines of the Coursework Document All coursework must be word processed.

Unit 3 - Assignment 3 (P5) by Jazz Jefferies on Prezi

Document margins must not be more than 2. The assignment should be in a formal business style using single spacing and font size Standard and commonly used type face such as Arial should be used.

All figures, graphs and tables must be numbered. Material taken from external sources must be properly referenced using the Harvard Sturner assignment unit3 system.

You should provide references using the Harvard referencing system. Do not use Wikipedia as a reference.

Sturner assignment unit3

Plagiarism and Collusion Any act of plagiarism or collusion will be seriously dealt with according to the College regulations. In this context the definitions and scope of plagiarism and collusion are presented below: It includes copying information directly from the Web or books without referencing the material; submitting joint coursework as an individual effort.

Submission Initial submission of coursework to the tutors is compulsory in each unit of the course. The student must check their assignments on ICON VLE with plagiarism software Turnitin to make sure the similarity index for their assignment stays within the College approved level.

All Final coursework must be submitted to the Final submission point into the Unit not to the Tutor. The student would be allowed to submit only once and that is the final submission. Any computer files generated such as program code softwaregraphic files that form part of the coursework must be submitted as an attachment to the assignment with all documentation.

Any portfolio for a Unit must be submitted as a hardcopy to examination office. Good practice Make backup of your work in different media hard disk, memory stick, etc. Please note that the tutors do not have the authority to extend the coursework deadlines and therefore do not ask them to award a coursework extension.

The completed form must be accompanied by evidence such as a medical certificate in the event of you being sick, and should be submitted to the Examination Office. Late submission will be accepted and marked according to the College procedure. It should be noted that late submission may not be graded for Merit and Distinction.

A student is allowed to submit only once and that is also treated as the final submission. Only one opportunity will be given for reassessment resubmission will be permitted and the assessment will be capped at Pass for the unit.

Sturner assignment unit3

In addition, no resubmission will be allowed in any component of the assessment for which a Pass grade or higher has been achieved. The overall unit grade for a successfully completed repeat unit is capped at Pass for that unit.

Units can only be repeated once.CE CE/ CE Unit 9 Assignment. CE CE/ CE Unit 9 Assignment-KAPLAN Download here CE CE/ CE Unit 9 Assignment-KAPLAN For your Unit 9 Assignment, you will select activities that encourage children to think and act creatively and identify ways to incorporate creative activities in early childhood care .

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View Homework Help - STurner_ITAssignment-Unit 8 from IT IT at Kaplan University. Running Head: UNIT 8 ASSIGNMENT 1 Unit 8 Assignment Suzanne Turner Kaplan University IT UNIT 8. UNIT 3 ASSIGNMENT 2 Questionnaire On a scale of 1 – 10 answer the following questions with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

1. Did the training meet your expectations? 2.


Did the instructor seem knowledgeable of the material and concepts being taught? 3.

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