The major reasons for low voter turn out or non voting during an election

Age, education, and income[ edit ] Rates of voting in the U. Presidential Election by income Rates in voting in the U. Presidential Election by educational attainment Age, income and educational attainment are significant factors affecting voter turnout.

The major reasons for low voter turn out or non voting during an election

It's free and anonymous, and it will bring economic prosperity to your neighborhood, so please check it out. Then tell your social-media contacts about it. Cross-season poll, Seasons 1 through 16 The cross-season poll for seasons 1 through 16 is now open! If your favorite singer is not in this poll it's because that singer did not rank high enough in earlier polls.

The ballot has room for only 12 choices. LaPorsha Renae from season 15 was just popular enough to justify remaining in this cross-season poll, which left three spots open for this season's most-popular singers. Note that Michael J. Woodard is in the poll, and Gabby Barrett is not in the poll.

Because in earlier weeks Michael was consistently ranked as more popular than Gabby. For more details about Michael's early elimination, please scroll down to the following heading: Michael's elimination demonstrates pairwise popularity versus single-mark "popularity" Season 16 poll Final results, top 3 Congratulations Maddie!

Based on the results here, she deserved to win. With three choices, vote splitting could have happened easily. Fortunately some recent developments led to the pairwise most-popular singer winning.

Based on ballots, after having removed ballots cast from outside the United States, here are the popularity rankings: Maddie Poppe Third-most popular: Caleb Lee Hutchinson Most popular: Ryan Seacrest Third-most popular: Lionel Richie Fourth-most popular: Luke Bryan For comparison purposes, here are the traditional single-mark vote counts converted into percentages: As a clarification, after most of the above votes were cast, social media focused attention on comments from Gabby, and about Gabby, regarding her personality when the cameras were not on her.

Those shifts, plus flawed performances at the finale, and a "single" that got lots of dislikes, account for why she ended up in third place in spite of here before those events being ranked as second-most popular.

As another clarification, in the finale, Caleb started the show with a significant mistake starting too early, stopping, then starting againand that probably reduced his vote count compared to what would have happened if he had not made that mistake.

In contrast, in the finale, Maddie did not make any apparent mistakes. Here are the most important reasons why he is likely to win: Lots of heavy voting is done by long-time American Idol fans who are now roughly middle-aged women who prefer a male winner.

Caleb will get lots of votes from country-western music fans who network with each other and remind each other to vote, even though most country-western-music fans do not watch the show. Yes, Gabby might somewhat benefit from this effect, but probably not enough to win. Fans who prefer a female winner will be splitting their votes between Maddie and Gabby.

Let's focus on the third reason because the first two reasons have been covered in previous VoteFair commentary postings. Voting in the "finale" round is different from previous voting rounds.

The major reasons for low voter turn out or non voting during an election

Because at this point most fans of American Idol vote for just one singer, and they give zero, or near-zero, votes to their second-favorite singer. This is a shift from previous weeks when the focus was on whether the voter approves or disapproves of each singer.

Of course we never know what the official vote counts are, yet it's easy to imagine that the official vote counts will look something like this: These numbers assume that voters do not give any votes to their second choice. In other words, "vote splitting" is a strong effect in the final week's voting.

If you don't already know about "vote splitting," please look it up in Wikipedia. It's important to understand vote splitting because it accounts for the surprise result in the Republican presidential primary election.

In that case, where there were 17 candidates, vote splitting among the 16 non-winning candidates made it easy for the winning candidate to get more votes than any one of the other candidates.A ballot drop-off box in Denver during Colorado’s election, the first one there where people could vote at home.

(Ivan Couronne/AFP/Getty Images).


One of the strongest factors affecting voter turnout is whether voting is compulsory. In Australia, voter registration and attendance at a polling booth have been mandatory since the s, with the most recent federal election in having turnout figures of % for the House of Representatives and % for the Senate.

10 Hours Ago. These early conversations with top-tier consultants in Iowa, where the major parties hold their first contests of the presidential election season, are the latest signs Booker could. Get the latest science news and technology news, read tech reviews and more at ABC News.

The Midterm Elections are fast approaching. ABC News brings you in-depth coverage and breaking political news, as voters determine the Senate and House of Representatives. Age, income and educational attainment are significant factors affecting voter turnout.

Educational attainment is perhaps the best predictor of voter turnout, and in the election those holding advanced degrees were three times more likely to vote than those with less than high school education.

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