The reasons why puerto rico wont become a state

Could Puerto Rico really become the 51st US state? The pace of emigration is rising — to about 50, annually. There are key differences as well between Greece and Puerto Rico.

The reasons why puerto rico wont become a state

At least not yet…. Well, because there were political interests who encouraged their members to boycott the election because, they claimed, the election was rigged. But, was it rigged?

To be fair, the ballot was changed to accommodate them, but they still had their members boycott.

15 reasons why Puerto Rico should be our next state

Why Keep It A Commonwealth? Schools and hospitals are being closed.

The reasons why puerto rico wont become a state

Government workers including cops and firemen are being laid off. Doctors are leaving the island at a rate of 1 per day. And those are just the highlights. If anything, just to try something new as opposed to keeping things as messed up as they are now? Well, as is too often the case, it comes down to a few powerful political interests.

They want their money. For all of the good aspects of capitalism, this is a pretty ugly downside. Usually, their opinions of Puerto Rican politicians are as unfavorable as anywhere else in the US. However, unlike in the US, they also complain about the open corruption that exists.

Starting to get the picture? Less taxes, less money. End result is less money. Also, if you believe the corruption rumors, less money to steal. What about the Federal Oversight Board?

Sure, if you believe extreme austerity measures such as raising taxes, laying off thousands of workers, and closing hospitals and schools will fix the economy. Especially since those same measures failed very recently in Greece and Portugal.

First, in a republican majority Senate and House, why would they want to bring in a pair of presumed democratic senators and who knows how many representatives?

MAKING WORLD POLITICS LESS FOREIGN Things, such as the right to vote and other benefits, are not given to Puerto Ricans, but they are allowed to fight in the US military and can also own lands in the US. So, why not just make Puerto Rico a US state?
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Puerto Rico Won’t become a State: Why Keep It A Commonwealth? Puerto Rico votes to be 51st state, but
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Worse yet, they would even give them the right to vote, unlike the current non-voting Puerto Rican representative in the House. Assuming, of course, that my read on these various groups are even somewhat accurate. These all play a part in the economic woes of the island, and by extension, the affect the statehood of Puerto Rico.

So, what do you think?

Why Puerto Rico Will Never Become the 51st State | Franky Benítez

Am I full of sh1t or did I hit the mark?Jun 12,  · What's the hold up? And how could it eventually happen? Feb 12,  · Puerto Rico just took a small step in the direction of becoming the 51st U.S. state. U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) submitted legislation Wednesday that .

The reasons why puerto rico wont become a state

In the Juan Fernández Puerto Rico is not a state because Puerto Ricans have voted on several occasions to NOT become a Rico have had the opportunity to become a state and has turned it .

Jun 12,  · Puerto Rico voted Sunday to become the 51st U.S. state, but that is unlikely to happen any time soon, and it won't help the island's $70 billion bankruptcy. If Puerto Rico were to become a state, it citizens would no longer be exempt from the federal income tax, forcing more people into the public dole due to the effects of increased taxes on a struggling economy.

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