Zeppelins during wwi essay

The Zeppelin was made of duralumin internal frames. The first of the great airships to fly was the LZ1 which was flown from its floating hanger on Lake Constance on July 2, historical note, 1 When the British went to war with Germany on August 4,they fully anticipated that the skies over England would soon be a swarm with the giant Zeppelin bombers. The Germans used the Zeppelins as a great advantage over England. The most successful raid by Zeppelin was the one on London on September 8, killing 22 people and causing one and a half million pounds of property damage.

Zeppelins during wwi essay

The first time aerial bombardment was used on a larger scale during conflict, targeting civilians in their home cities.

January — 19 October Where: The UK, principally London Who: The biggest damage was psychological, as the zeppelins caused terror within the civilian population. Incendiary bombs and grenades Aerial bombardment was not something many people thought was a realistic possibility at the start of the First World War.

Planes themselves had only been invented ten years before, and had principally been used for luxurynot to inflict harm.

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The means and methods of defence from aerial attack were extremely limited. The first Zeppelin attacks were launched inwith the first strike hitting London on 31 May. The first air raid, which struck Stoke Newington, Hackney and Stratford, killed seven people and injured The initial interest in Zeppelins turned to anger and fear as Londoners were, for the first time, exposed to death from the skies.

The Zeppelin raids happened at night, and caused terror within the local population. The means and methods of attack were not sophisticated; incendiary bombs and grenades were simply dropped from the Zeppelin over London.

Targeting was almost impossible, both due to the height the Zeppelins flew at, and their lack of targeting technology. Initially the Zeppelins attacked with almost complete impunity. They could fly higher than the planes defending the UK, and were not damaged to any great extent by bullets.

It took two years for the British to work out how to shoot them down. In order to damage the Zeppelin to an extent which would make it inoperable, two bullets had to be used: Once this method had been discovered, Zeppelins were extremely vulnerable, and they were replaced by the Gotha IV bombers in The final Zeppelin attack was on 19 Octoberwhere 33 people were killed.

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The Gotha IV bombers were more deadly than the Zeppelins, and were used to carry out daylight raids. The first daylight raid was also the deadliest raid on Britain during the First World War. A Gotha IV bomber dropped a number of bombs, hitting locations including a primary school.

This raid resulted in the death of people, including 18 children, and injured a further For the first time air attacks were used to target the civilian population at home, bringing the war into towns and cities far away from the front lines.

The traditional distinction between civilians and combatants was ignored, something which has consistently been seen in more recent conflicts. The development of the means and methods of warfare during WWI was extremely fast, especially where aerial attacks were concerned.

At the beginning of the conflict there was little thought that bombs could fall from the sky. Within a year of the conflict, Zeppelins were being used on a semi-regular basis to attack cities, but such form of attack was rudimental at best.

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By the end of the war, aeroplanes proper were being used to attack cities. Defence mechanisms developed greatly due to the developments in aerial technology.

Please support AOAV's work and donate.By mid, DELAG had carried over 10, fare-paying passengers on over 1, flights. During World War I the German military made extensive use of Zeppelins as bombers and scouts, killing over people in bombing raids in Britain.

The defeat of Germany in temporarily slowed down the airship business. A total of Zeppelins were built, most of them during World War I, when airships were delivered to the military. The most famous Zeppelin was the original GRAF ZEPPELIN, which during made flights to the United States, the Arctic, the Middle East, and South America; it also made one flight around the world.

DBQ Essay World War I was the result of leaders' aggression towards other countries which was supported by the rising nationalism of the European nations.

Economic and imperial competition and fear of war prompted military alliances and an arms race, which further escalated the tension contributing to the outbreak of war. Zeppelins in World War One WW1 London Blitz What are zeppelins? During the war, when Zeppelins were first used they were almost indestructible.

Zeppelins during wwi essay

did not start well for the Zeppelins. Four of them were lost carrying out bombing raids during the Battle of Verdun, and this marked the last use of airships for tactical bombing. But Strasser remained confident. The Zeppelin factory was producing a new generation of airships - larger, more powerful, and with more engines.

"The Zeppelins would come out of the dark - you couldn't see them and it was totally random. You didn't know if you were running towards danger or away from it." During their brief, but deadly.

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